Tanker-Service Co., Ltd many years specialize in technical service of ship’s radio equipment, navigational aids and automatic equipment. Our company provides supplies and services of a wide range of high-quality communication and radio navigation equipment.

The company has its own laboratories equipped with bench equipment and gages. The company collaborates with equipment manufacturers, serves as a Service Agent in accordance with Service Agency agreement and is included in service network on the territory of the Russian Federation of the following companies:

  • TRANSAS LTD(Saint-Petersburg) – russian developer of systems for transport monitoring;
  • FURUNO EURUS LLC(Saint-Petersburg) – representative of the FURUNO Co. in Russia, delivery of vehicles for communication;
  • Radio-Navigator LTD(Moscow) – official representative of the SAMYUNG, delivery of vehicles for communication;
  • RADIOMA LLC (Moscow)communication and radionavigationequipment • POLAR LTD – representative of the JRC in Russia;
  • МS-service LLC – representative of the NORTHROP GRUMMAN (Sperry Marine) in Russia;
  • VALCOM LLC (Saint-Petersburg) – serves as developer and manufacturer of precision smart sensors and automation systems that are based on it.
  • SAIT LTD (Moscow) – official representative of the Praxis Co. in Russia, ship’s automatic equipment.

Nowadays, Tanker-Service Co., Ltd holds a high post among the companies in Astrakhan.

Russian, 414006 Astrakhan,
Garshina lane, 2/46
+7 (8512) 56-06-16
+7 (8512) 56-09-94
+7 (8512) 56-13-22